Getting at Job at 18 years old in 2018

Updated April 13, 2018

18 year old employment

At eighteen years old you’re probably near high school graduation or have begun college. The great thing is that you have a wide range of employment options. There is no longer a limit to the amount of hours you can work per day. However, many find that their college course load makes it difficult to work at a traditional job. College is when many teens turn to non-traditional ways to earn money such as, which allows teens to earn money every time a family or friend shop at local shopping malls, local restaurants, online, etc. Below are some traditional and non-traditional job options for college and non-college bound 18 year olds.

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Interview techniques and employment issues for 18 year olds.

Interviewing skills are necessary for traditional jobs. Hopefully by this time you’ve got some interviews under your belt and have begun to hone your interview skills. A good first impression is the key to getting a good job. Learn how to find, get, and keep a job at our find teen jobs section.

Making money at 18 years old. How much can I earn?

If you seek out a traditional job, unless you have experience at the task at hand you’re unlikely to earn much more than the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Jobs offering tips can help but non-traditional jobs are the way to earn more money than minimum wage.

How does an 18 year old go about getting a summer job?

A summer job is a great way to spend a summer vacation. We compiled a list of 65 fun summer jobs you can choose from.

Job limitations for 18 year olds.

As an 18 year old, for many purposes you’re considered an adult and can work in nearly all industries. Age is no longer an impediment to getting your job.

Working in all industries. What are the rules for an 18 year old?

Although at 18 years old you cannot lawfully consume alcohol, most states allow you to work in environments in which you would serve alcohol to customers (examples would be at a bar or restaurant). For server jobs, such as waiter or waitress, that include tips you’ll make much more money if the establishment sells alcohol. This is true because, in many cases, alcohol makes up a large portion of a person’s bill. And since tips are a percentage of the total you’ll see higher tips.

Find, get and keep at job at 18 years old.

College newspapers and websites are the best places to find traditional jobs. Working directly for the school at the library or bookstore is possible.

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College and work. Jobs for 18 year olds.

If you have the skills that are sought there’s really no limit to the type of job an 18 year old can get. With school work likely to take much of your time non-traditional jobs may be the answer. Read more to find examples of both traditional and non-traditional jobs.

college-bookstore-job 18 year old
  • On campus sales.

Working at the college bookstore is a great place to incorporate work into college life. It’s close and the hours are flexible. For an 18 year old freshman it’s also an easy way to get to know other students. The down side is the pay won’t be much. Don’t expect much more than minimum wage.

college-event-job 18 year old
  • On campus events.

Limited work but very flexible hours are the answer here. Look for any event being offered at school from a comedy show to job fair. All of these events require help so be the first one to sign on. And at 18 years old and new at school you’ll have the inside track to the latest events. The pay will vary based on the work needed but since it’s limited expect about $10.00 per hour.

  • Restaurant waiter/waitress.

A favorite job of 18 year old freshman, waiting tables allows you to pick up shifts between classes so the flexibility is great. Tips will make up for the low starting hourly wage. There’s not much down time while waiting tables but the time will seem to fly by. You can easily earn $125 per shift at upscale restaurants.

  • College Library.

The job of choice for quiet time. Not much work is involved so sneaking in some study time isn’t difficult, which works well for 18 year old freshmen. These jobs are sought after so write a good resume and go over interview techniques. Working at a college library pays little more than minimum wage but the free time may make up for that.

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brand-ambassador 18 year old
  • Local Fast Food Restaurants.

The hours can be long and the pay short but there are usually many jobs available at the local fast food joint. The hours aren’t very flexible so this should be a transitional job that you take until you land something better. Earning little more than minimum wage will put some money in your pocket but little else.

pizza-delivery-job 18 year old
  • Pizza Delivery.

At 18 years old you are probably a freshman and if you have a car on campus pizza delivery may be a good way to earn money. Try to stick to areas close to campus as gas will eat up your profit. The flexibility of the hours and the tips help push this job to the “A” list. Expect to earn about $125 per week. And if you work weekends you’ll likely earn a little more.

product-evan-job 18 year old
  • Product Evangelist.

Exposing your fellow students to new websites or new products can be a good way to earn money. Flexible hours are great for the 18 year old starting freshman. Check your bulletin board for companies looking for student workers. Be careful though. Some companies may try to pay you in products. Stick to the reputable companies and you’ll be fine.

web-design-job 18 year old
  • Web design/editing.

If at 18 years old you have an interest and skills with computers this may be a good job for you. Those with limited skill can still seek website editing or quality assurance work. For this you’ll need to have attention to detail. These jobs can be done either through a traditional business or you can work as a contractor. Creating a portfolio of your skills will go a long way in helping you land work.

delivery-job-job 18 year old
  • On campus delivery.

If you have a car available to you on campus you can use it to run a small pickup and delivery business for those students that don’t have access to transportation. You set your own hours, pay rate, and choose the work you want to do. Don’t forget to factor in fuel expenses. But for an 18 year old with a car you can really clean up.

ride-share-job 18 year old
  • Ride Sharing.

For those 18 years old freshman with a vehicle on campus you can offer rides to your fellow classmates. There are a few websites that offer an app to help you get started. Check out UberX and to find out if this is right for you. You can expect to make about $15 per hour that you work. Remember you’ll need to pay for gas and other costs so be sure you include those expenses when calculating whether ridesharing is a possible option for you (to ensure you make a good profit).

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buy-sell-jobs 18 year old
  • Buy and Sell Items Locally.

Whether it’s textbooks, computer parts, electronics, or anything else you have knowledge about finding low price items and reselling for a profit is a great way to earn extra money! is a great place to do this. Don’t jump in too quickly, though. Make sure you research prices before buying or you can find yourself with a lot of stuff you can’t sell.

zip-car-job 18 year old
  • ZipCar

ZipCar , like, is an unconventional but very effective way to earn money without traditional work. As an 18 year old college student if you have a car with you at campus you can really clean up by letting others borrow it. ZipCar carries insurance so you’ll be protected. You’ll need to do your own maintenance but it’s an easy way to earn money without working.

teaching-assistant 18 year old
  • Teaching Assistant.

If you are in advanced course study at 18 years old you may be eligible for teaching assistant status. Typical responsibilities include handing out assignments and proctoring tests. A good way to start looking for a teaching assistant position is to check in with some of your professors.

paid-gig-job 18 year old
  • Offer a Gig.

Websites such as allow you to offer your services. Here you don’t look for a job but rather you offer a service and allow others to hire you . You can offer anything you want but you’ll be paid by the task not by the hour so make sure you properly price your service.

tour-guide-job 18 year old
  • Tour Guide.

Although you’re probably new to the campus if you have a good feel for the area offer to become a Tour Guide. Outgoing and friendly students are brought in to give group tours and personal tours around the campus. Check with the different offices at your school to check for openings.

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dphoto-job 18 year old
  • Taking Photos and other small tasks.

Gigwalk is one of several businesses that will pay you for completing simple tasks. Users have simple but specific requests such as a picture of a nearby location or a photo of a restaurant menu. If you accept the task you’ll be paid for each ‘gig’ you complete. If your campus is in a large city you’ll have a lot of tasks open to you.

campus-tech-job 18 year old
  • Campus Tech Support.

At 18 years old you don’t have many college level computer classes under your belt but if you’re good with computers you can still land a job offering tech support on campus. Most colleges offer tech-support nearly round-the-clock for both students and professors so there are plenty of jobs available. Flexible hours and a lot of downtime make this a great job.

nanny-job 18 year old

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean this isn’t a great way to earn money. Babysitters usually make between $10-$15/hour and can work when they choose to. Plus, downtime lets you get some of your schoolwork done. College employees usually favor college students when choosing a babysitter. Check out school bulletin boards and newspapers to find babysitting jobs near your college.

research-subjectk 18 year old

  • Research Subject.

At 18 years old you’re probably too inexperienced to be a researcher but you can be a research subject. You’ll find opportunities in different fields from psychology to neuroscience. Many studies simply require taking a test or filling out a questionnaire. Although it is not a traditional job, being a study participant is a quick and easy way to make money.

instacart 18 year old

  • Instacart.

For an 18 year old with a car on campus Instacart delivery may be a great opportunity. You’ll pickup and delivery groceries from nearby stores. Since you’ll be paying for your own gas and maintenance be careful when choosing jobs too far from campus. You should be able to average about $15 per hour and the flexible hours give you plenty of time to study.

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barista-job 18 year old

  • Barista.

If you love coffee this is a great way to earn money while in school. You’ll learn a lot about coffee and espresso and probably receive employee discounts which can save you a ton of cash. Since most campus coffee shops are only open during the day you won’t be stuck with late night shifts. The downside is you probably won’t earn much more than minimum wage.

tutor-job 18 year old

  • Class Tutor.

Although you may be only 18 years old and a freshman you may still have a lot of knowledge to offer. If you excel in an area of study consider becoming a tutor. You can set your own hours and price. Make sure your chosen field is something you are really good at. If you are well qualified, you can easily make $15 per hour.