65 Fun and Awesome Summer Jobs for Teens in 2018

Updated April 13, 2018

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Are you a teen looking for an awesome summer job in 2018? Well you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list of 65 of the best summer jobs for teens. You'll find everything from amusement park summer jobs to summer camp summer jobs. So, read on for the list! 

  1. Summer jobs at zoos and other animal care facilities.zoos Summer Jobs
    • This summer job will be rewarding and fun if you love animals. Your employer will require a soft but firm personality when dealing with animals. Animals may need care and rehabilitation so be prepared for such work. Teenagers can expect to interact with the public and answer their questions about the animals while working at this summer job. Light maintenance will likely be required at this summer job as well as observing and reporting abnormal animal behavior.
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  2. Amusement park performers and costume characters: great teen summer jobs.Amusement park performers - Summer Jobs
    • Teens will be required to entertain guests, especially kids. At this summer job employer will look for teens with outgoing personalities and a penchant for performance. Singing, dancing, costumes and general entertainment will be required.
  3. Amusement park ride attendants and operators for teens.Amusement park ride attendants - Summer Jobs
    • Safety first is required for this summer job. As a teen ride operator you’ll be responsible for the safe operation of each ride. Attention to detail is required to be an effective ride attendant. Employers are very strict with their requirements for this job. Since maturity is required to insure safety, only teens showing leadership and maturity will be offered positions. You must be able to perform all delegated tasks in a timely manner.
  4. Amusement and Water Park lifeguard summer jobs.Water Park lifeguard - Summer Jobs
    • As with other summer jobs, lifeguard positions require special skills and certification. You’ll be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of park guest. Teens with proper certification will be required to display water rescue and first aid administration abilities before being considered for this summer job.
  5. Camp summer jobs: Camp counselor.Camp Counselor - Summer Jobs
    • Perhaps the most well known summer job for a teen is a summer camp counselor. Your duties will include managing campers and providing entertainment and educational instruction. You’ll be responsible for clean-up and daily maintenance duties. Teens should be aware that some employers offer day camp while others require the teen to be on the premises 24 hours per day.
  6. River guide as a summer job for teens.River guide - Summer Jobs
    • These outdoor summer jobs require some degree of experience and familiarity with the rivers in your area. Employers stress safety. Swimming and first aid certification is mandatory. Teens interested in these summer jobs should look for employers that offer training programs. Such programs may be paid or unpaid positions.
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  7. Bicycle tour guide: Outdoor teen summer job.Bicycle tour guide - Summer Jobs
    • A high level of physical fitness is required. You’ll be responsible for the safety of all riders and be expected to administer first aid when necessary. Your employer will require you to display leadership qualities as you show riders various sites in the area. This is an outdoor position.
  8. Summer Jobs at fun parks: Go-kart attendants.Go-Kart Attendants: Summer Jobs
    • Strong leadership qualities are required to maintain control over park guests. Safety regulations put in place by employers must be strictly followed. Expect to interact with park guests all day. You’ll be required to provide instruction to guests when necessary.
  9. Arcade related summer jobs for teens.Arcade Summer Jobs
    • Candidates for this summer job will be expected to engage well with guests. Employers demand a high level of guest service. You’ll be responsible for monitoring and enforcing games rules. While under supervision you’ll be expected to enhance the experience of arcade guests.
  10. Day camp summer jobs: Activity leaders.Activity leaders - Summer Jobs
    • Employers expect qualified teens to instruct groups of guests in a variety of activities. Experience in skilled activities such as sailing or kayaking is required. You’ll be expected to provide exemplary service to guests while maintaining a high degree of excellence in your activity.
  11. Summer jobs for teens: Mountain biking guides and instructors.Mountain biking guides: Summer Jobs
    • Employers expect high energy, personable teens for this summer job. A high level of physical fitness is required. You’ll instruct and guide camp guests on sometimes rigorous terrain while maintaining safe procedure. Knowledge of first aid care is required.
  12. Summer camp teen jobs: Camp superintendent assistant.Camp superintendent - Summer Jobs
    • Teens will be responsible for the scheduling of camp events and managing the day to day calendar of the superintendent. Teen candidates for these summer jobs must be energetic and outgoing and have strong organizational skills. You must be able to work effectively with staff, camp guests and their parents.
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  13. Summer Jobs for teenagers: Football coach assistant.Football coach assistant Summer Jobs
    • Qualified teens for this summer job will assist with basic football instruction. Under the supervision of a coach the teenage applicant will instruct campers under 18 years of age as well as maintain equipment. Safety and first aid instruction will be required.
  14. Technology counselor jobs for teens.Technology counselor Summer Jobs
    • Teens with specific technology experience will be expected to instruct camp guests in a variety of technological areas. Employers will require teens qualified for these summer jobs to instruct Monday through Friday. Teens will be on call each weekend and will be expected to deliver a satisfying experience to camp guest.
  15. Equestrian riding instructors.Equestrian riding Summer Jobs
    • These summer jobs will require teens to be experienced equestrian riders. You will also be expected to have provided instruction in the past or begin the employment with a training program. This summer job may require teenage instructors to live on site. Each session is typically 10 weeks long. Expect this employer to provide room and board.
  16. Indoor summer jobs: Barista.Barista Summer Jobs
    • Under the supervision of a shift manager this summer job requires teens to greet guests, answer questions and provides exceptional customer service. Your duties include the preparation and sale of beverages and related items. Teenagers can expect to clean and maintain equipment during each shift.
  17. Group sales summer jobs at amusement parks.Group sales Summer Jobs
    • As a member of guest services teens will be expected to interact well with the public. You’ll be responsible for group sales of daily and season pass tickets. Sales experience with a previous employer is helpful. Your duties will include sales both on and off amusement park grounds.
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  18. Camp summer jobs: White water rafting guide.White Water Rafting Summer Jobs
    • Teens will be expected to excel at white water rafting before being offered this summer job. You’ll need to show expertise in safety and first aid. Employers look for adventurous, outgoing teenagers who enjoy working with the public. These summer jobs are great for those with lifeguard certifications.
  19. Hiking guide.Hiking guide Summer Jobs
    • Teens located in mountainous areas can find a plethora of summer jobs for hiking guides. Safety training is required. You’ll be responsible for the welfare of all hikers. These summer jobs should only be filled by teenagers with a mature attitude and work ethic. Expect to be outdoors for eight to twelve hours per day.
  20. Summer Jobs at camp: Rock climbing instructor.Rock climbing instructor Summer Jobs
    • Summer camp is a great place for teens to find summer jobs. As a rock climbing instructor you should have prior experience or inquire about an employer’s training programs. A high degree of physical fitness is required. Your duties will include safety inspection and training.
  21. Summer camp arts and crafts coordinator.arts and crafts coordinator Summer Jobs
    • While these summer jobs are perfect for teens they require some experience in arts and crafts programs. You’ll be expected to oversee camper safety according to employer guidelines. Activities must be engaging to campers. An upbeat personality is a must.
  22. Safari park summer jobs: Wardrobe service assistant.Safari park Summer Jobs
    • Teen's right for this summer job should possess a good work ethic. You’ll be required to assist with uniform fittings as well as maintain uniform inventory. This summer job requires both customer and co-worker interaction. Employer will require teens to abide by safety requirements.
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  23. Summer camp teen jobs: Education instruction.Education instruction Summer Jobs
    • There is no better place for teens to find summer jobs than at summer camps. These positions will entail teaching a variety of subject to young children. There will be an expectation for teens to conduct themselves in a mature manner. Educational instruction can vary so look for the fields that you are most interested in.
  24. Zoo mammal keeper assistant as a summer job.Zoo mammal keeper - Summer Jobs
    • Summer jobs at zoos can be a great place for a teen. Expect to learn as you work. As a mammal keeper assistant you will be responsible for providing care as instructed and monitoring animal health. Cleaning will be part of your summer job duties assigned by your employer. Summer jobs such as this can lead to year round part time employment for the conscientious teenager.
  25. Park guest relations assistant.Park guest relations - Summer Jobs
    • As the warm weather begins these summer jobs begin to open. Employers look for teens that work well with people and who can follow instructions. You’ll be responsible for attending to park guests’ concerns as well as assist guests in need of special handling.
  26. Teen special event performers at amusement parks.special event performers - Summer Jobs
    • Summer jobs are readily available for those teenagers with the flexibility to perform during special events. Employers employ teens on an ‘as needed’ basis for events and activities such as Fourth of July festivities. While the work may not require daily attendance teens can work for several employers during the summer months to maximize income. Expect to perform in front of park guests as well as assist with pre-production set up of events.
  27. Guest escorts for amusement and other fun parks.Guest escorts - Summer Jobs
    • Teens looking for these summer jobs should expect to interact directly with park guests to make them feel comfortable enjoying the park. Young children, older guests and special needs guests are just some of the individuals in need of park escorts. A friendly, patient and outgoing personality is required.
      teenager-jobs 16 year old work
  28. Amusement park merchandise assistant summer jobs.Amusement park merchandise assistant - Summer Jobs
    • These jobs require sales and the ability to maintain inventory. You’ll be responsible for loss prevention and handling cash. Some employers maintain a specific booth or building for such sales while others will offer items for sale via cart or street vending. This summer job will require teens to interact with park guests.
  29. Amusement park game station operation summer station operation - Summer Jobs
    • These summer jobs are perfect for teens who like to interact with park guests. You’ll be responsible for the safe and fun operation of a game station. Heavy public interaction is required. It will be your duty to explain game rules and procedures put in place by your employer. This summer job will require attention to detail to insure each guest’s satisfaction. An outgoing personality helps as does math and collection skills.
  30. Theft prevention at an amusement park – a great summer job.Theft prevention - Summer Jobs
    • You’ll be responsible for customer and employee theft prevention. As a teen, this will include watching for patterns of misbehavior of both customers and your employer’s other workers. These summer jobs are a great way to not only stay outdoors but also can be a fantastic learning experience. This summer job requires attention to detail and patience.
  31. Zoo guides: What these summer jobs entail.Zoo guides: Summer Jobs
    • As a zoo guide your responsibilities will include providing tours and answering questions about the animals. If you aren’t an animal person skip this summer job. Many teens feel unqualified for this type of summer job but rest assured you’ll receive training. For animal lovers you’ll enjoy being in close proximity to a variety of animals as well as learning about them.
  32. Janitorial and general maintenance summer jobs at amusement parks.Janitorial and general maintenance - Summer Jobs
    • As the title suggests teenagers should expect their employer to require cleaning of park grounds including restrooms as well as general trash cleanup. A friendly disposition is required as this summer job requires work to be performed while in the presence of park guests.
      teenager-jobs 17 year old work
  33. Amusement park summer jobs: Entertainment venue technicians.Entertainment venue technicians - Summer Jobs
    • Providing assistance with sound, lighting and other setup construction are some of the activities a teenager can expect as a park entertainment venue tech. While no experience is necessary, good general mechanical ability is helpful. This teen summer job will expose you to many different facets of venue preparation and construction.
  34. Summer Jobs at zoos: Terrestrial Ectotherm Keeper assistant.Terrestrial Ectotherm Keeper: Summer Jobs
    • As with most summer jobs at zoos teens will find themselves assisting qualified personnel in the care and treatment of animals. Reptiles and amphibian species make up a large part of zoo animals so there are typically many summer jobs available. Expect to maintain animal care and do field work to identify animal behavior. This is a great summer job for those teens with an interest in animal care and can lead to a yearlong position.
  35. Camp summer jobs: Backpacking guide.Backpacking guide: Summer Jobs
    • Teens interested in this summer job will be required to familiarize themselves with any expected dangers. Formal safety training is typically required by employers. Expect to undergo a series of physical challenges to insure your level of fitness is appropriate for this job. A high degree of familiarity with the area is required.
  36. Youth activities counselor: Summer jobs for teens.Youth activities counselor - Summer Jobs
    • Teenagers will supervisor and instruct camp children in an entertainment capacity. Employers will expect teens to develop, set up and facilitate group activities. These summer jobs require strict adherence to employer safety policies and standards. Food preparation and facility maintenance is required.
  37. Summer Jobs: Camp Operations.Camp Operations: Summer Jobs
    • This summer job requires teens to assist in the management of the entire camp. Day to day activities include general care and guidance of camp guests. You’ll be expected to coordinate camp events and handle the logistics of day to day operations. Previous camp experience is typically required.
      teenager-jobs 18 year old work
  38. Lake and pool director assistant.Lake and pool Director assistant: Summer Jobs
    • These summer jobs require CPR and first aid certification. Teens are expected to effectively supervise and instruct camp guests. Employers typically require prior experience. You’ll be required to supervise and manage pool operations.
  39. Zoo ticket booth operator.Zoo ticket booth operator - Summer Jobs
    • This teen summer job requires good interpersonal skills. You’ll be required to open and close cash registers as well as count cash and provide change. Busy times can be stressful so these summer jobs are best suited for a mature teen. You’ll be required to maintain high customer service standards.
  40. Survival instructor: Summer camp jobs.Survival instructor - Summer Jobs
    • Unless you have experienced survival lessons at camp as a camper expect to receive training from employers before you’re qualified for these summer jobs. Intense physical activity is required as is maintaining high energy. Teenagers qualified for this job will have a penchant for physical fitness.
  41. Food service summer jobs for teens.Food service - Summer Jobs
    • Under shift managers teens will be required to take food orders, prepare menu items and serve guests. Operation of cash registers will be required for these summer jobs. Teenagers can expect their employers to require daily cleaning and maintenance of equipment. Providing fast and friendly service to guest is required.
  42. Camp related summer jobs: Cabin counselor.Cabin Counselor: Summer Jobs
    • Teens will be expected to live at the camp for the duration of the position. All room and board is paid for by the employer. You’ll be required to coordinate guest activities. A positive, energetic personality is helpful. Employers will train qualified teens in safety and first aid procedures.
      teenager-jobs 16 year old work
  43. Teen summer jobs at a water park: Waterfront director assistant.Waterfront Director Assistant: Summer Jobs
    • Strong interpersonal skills are essential for this summer job. Your duties will include care and maintenance of pool and equipment. You also may be required to provide swimming instruction to children so some employers require teens to have appropriate certifications.
  44. Security related summer jobs at amusement park facilities.Security - Summer Jobs
    • Protection of guests is required of a teen performing this type of summer job. Insuring that guests act appropriately and intervene when necessary to prevent escalation is required. These summer jobs are best suited to those teens that can be thoughtful but firm with guests. It’s helpful to show leadership qualities to prospective employers.
  45. Summer jobs for special skills: Make-up artists for amusement park performers.Make-up artists: Summer Jobs
    • This job requires teens to be familiar with all aspects of makeup artistry. Most summer job employers with these jobs available do not offer training so you must display these skills prior to employment. For those with ability, however, you can expect you continue to work throughout the year as events are scheduled.
  46. Beach summer jobs: Parking lot attendant.Parking lot attendant - Summer Jobs
    • These summer jobs are great for those teens who like to interact with the public. You’ll be under the supervision of a manger and be required to greet guests and provide friendly and quality service. Security oversight will be part of your duties. Teenagers with a background in customer relations are usually given more consideration by these employers.
  47. Host/hostess and guest relation summer jobs at local amusement parks.Host/hostess Summer Jobs
    • Teens working at this summer job will provide service to guests. Duties will include sales, guides, directions and any other guest related services. Expect this job to be fast paced and require quick action. This will set you apart from other teens interested in these summer jobs.
      teenager-jobs 15 year old work
  48. Amusement park ride mechanic as a teen summer job.Amusement park ride mechanic Summer Jobs
    • Working outdoors makes these summer jobs highly sought after so expect competition. To set yourself apart you’ll need mechanical ability and some experience is helpful. Expect to work on all safety aspects of rides. A responsible teenager is what this employer is going to look for.
  49. Food service summer jobs for teens at an amusement park.Food service summer - Summer Jobs
    • This summer job is great for a high energy teenager, especially if you have food service experience. You’ll be servicing the park guests so an outgoing personality helps. Your duties can include service as well as insuring the cleanliness of food service areas. Food allergies can affect your ability to work at this summer job so you must let your employer know to determine what type of food service summer job is right for you.
  50. Amusement park maintenance worker as a summer job.Amusement park maintenance worker - Summer Jobs
    • Park maintenance positions nearly double in the summer months so they are great for teens looking for summer jobs. Open positions can include janitorial, light carpentry, and general upkeep. Inform the employer of any janitorial experience you have during your interview. This summer job doesn’t require a teenager to have experience but it helps set you apart from other teens vying for work.
  51. Amusement park summer jobs: Guest ambassador.Guest ambassador: Summer Jobs
    • At this summer job teens will be the face of the park. Responsibilities include taking tickets, greeting visitors and helping ensure guest safety. Heavy personal interaction is required. Additionally, you’ll be outside and will be required to stand and walk for long periods of time. Crowd traffic control is also required.
  52. Camp summer jobs: Athletic trainer.Athletic Trainer: Summer Jobs
    • This summer job requires teen trainers to be responsible for insuring all participating campers have medical waivers and insurance. Teenage candidates will be responsible for the administration and distribution of any medication required by the parents of camp guests. Employers will also require teen trainers to instruct campers on stretching and pre-game exercises.
  53. Parking attendant at an amusement park as a teen summer job.Parking attendant at an amusement park: Summer Jobs
    • If you’re over 17 years old with a valid driver’s license parking lot attendant work can be a great summer job. You’ll be responsible for safety and customer service. The employer will consider teens for this job but you must show responsibility during the interview. This summer job requires a lot of interaction with the public.
      teenager-jobs 16 year old work
  54. Water park summer jobs: ticket sales representative.Ticket Sales: Summer Jobs
    • Teen’s primary duties will involve selling daily and season tickets. You’ll be responsible for reconciling cash and credit receipts. You’ll interact with the public. Employers for this summer job require a responsible, outgoing teenager.
  55. Leadership summer jobs: Trip and program leaders.Trip and Program Leaders Summer Jobs
    • Qualified teen trip leaders will be responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of an assigned program. This summer job requires strict adherence and enforcement of safety procedures necessary to meet the high level of safety standards put in place by employers. Emphasis on leadership is critical. Teenage applicants should exhibit high morals.
  56. Beach summer jobs: Surf instructor.Surf Instructor Summer Jobs
    • Teen applicants should have a minimum of two years surfing experience and good interpersonal skills for this summer job. You must have a desire to help others improve their surfing abilities. Some prior teaching experience is preferred. Employer requires first aid, CPR and lifeguarding certifications.
  57. Day camp summer jobs: Art instructors.Art Instructors Summer Jobs
    • Teens eligible for these summer jobs must display a modest proficiency in creative or performing arts. The teen will be committed to building a safe, youth focused art community. Employers require eligible teenagers to demonstrate professionalism and accountability.
  58. Outdoor trip leaders: Camp summer jobs.Trip Leaders Summer Jobs
    • Teens are required to see, hear and supervise a group of children. This summer job requires teen applicants to ensure the safety and well-being of camp guests. Teens must participate in staff training sessions and all group camp activities. Employers require teen applicants to display exemplary leadership qualities.
      teenager-jobs 17 year old work
  59. Trail guide for teens as a summer job.Trail Guide Summer Jobs
    • These summer jobs require standing for long periods of time, and walking for distances up to six miles daily so physical fitness is required. You’ll be required to administer first aid when necessary and respond to emergency situations. This summer job is repetitive in nature so teen applicants must show an ability to focus on the task at hand.
  60. Summer jobs for outdoor adventure guides.Outdoor Adventure Guides Summer Jobs
    • These summer jobs will require qualified teenagers to lead youth groups in outdoor activities including rock climbing, hiking, and rafting. Employers require teens to have excellent leadership abilities. You’ll be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the youths in your care.
  61. Outdoor teen summer jobs: Golf caddy.Golf Caddy Summer Jobs
    • Teen duties include carrying golf bags and handing golfers their golf clubs as needed. You’ll be responsible for cleaning the golf clubs and golf balls of the golfers. This summer job also requires measuring yardage for the golfer. Strenuous activity is required.
  62. Movie theater employees.Movie Theater Summer Jobs
    • Summer jobs are readily available to teens at area movie theaters. Duties include ticket sales, security and refreshment stand operations. You’ll have heavy customer interaction. Employers will require teens to work weekends and most evenings.
  63. Overnight camp summer jobs: Activity leader.Activity Leader - Summer Jobs
    • Teens qualified for this summer job will supervise elementary age children. Duties include planning and implementing activities for age appropriate physical activity sessions. Employers require that eligible teenage applicants must be able and willing to perform basic first aid and CPR.
      teenager-jobs 18 year old work
  64. Activity counselor summer jobs.Activity Counselor Summer Jobs
    • These summer jobs require teen applicants to develop and instruct youth guests in a variety of outdoor activities. Employer's require swimming certification for water related activities. Safety training is required in most instances but is usually provided by the employer.
  65. Summer jobs: Horseback riding instructor.Horseback riding instructor Summer Jobs
    • This summer job allows teens interested in horses to receive cross-training in a variety of areas. All staff is required to create and implement lesson plans for riding lessons. Employers require teens to assist in the training of horses on trails, flats and over jumps.
  66. Skilled teen summer jobs: Rock climbing instructors.Rock Climbing Summer Jobs
    • Teens eligible for these summer jobs will be expected to show previous rock climbing experience. Duties include instruction and strict adherence to safety policies put in place by employers. Teen applicants should show leadership qualities.
      teenager-jobs 16 year old work