Jobs for 14 year old teens: How fourteen year old teenagers can get hired in 2018

Updated April 11, 2018

Employment for 14 year olds

Fourteen year old kids have plenty of opportunities for summer and after-school jobs. Because a 14 year old is still relatively young, there are some limitations (depending on the state they live in) as far as traditional places they can work but there are many opportunities available for those in this age group. And, of course, don't forget about Boostapal, where teens can earn extra money every time their family shops online.

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What are good resources for 14 year old teenagers interested in learning about how they can get a job?

Boostapal's teen jobs section has a great set of resources for fourteen year old and up teens in need of a job. Teenagers should go to our find teen jobs section to discover great tips on how they can get a job.

How much money can 14 year old teens earn from a working at a part time job? Are there restrictions on how much a fourteen year old can be paid?

Although there isn't an absolute limit that 14 year old minors can earn, there is only so much teens in this age group can earn working side jobs with school homework they'll have to complete and the limitations set by their particular state. Many states also impose restrictions on how many hours kids can work during the school year.

Where are the best places to find summer jobs for 14 year olds?

Right on this page! Once you are 15 years old, you can search for summer jobs on our list of summer job ideas page on Boostapal.

Is there an overall rule that sets out how old a teenager has to be to work certain jobs?

Federal guidelines set forth an overall rule which limits the types of jobs 14 year old kids can work. Each state also sets restrictions for the types of jobs 14 year old teens may work. Overall, most states regard minors of this age as being too young for traditional work. This means that, in most states, you cannot work at jobs like fast food restaurants (i.e. Burger King, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Dunkin’ Donuts, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen and Domino’s Pizza). However, there are exceptions to this general rule so please read further.

What, if any, are the exceptions that allow 14 year old minors to work at places that are usually off-limits to teens by the federal or state government?

Below are a list of several basic exemptions that permit fourteen year old minors to work jobs in traditionally regulated areas. Also, 14 year old teenagers can search their state for the state employment poster. Here is an example of an employment poster for Alabama. Below is a general summary of rules for most states:

  • Family operation. Fourteen year olds may work in non-agricultural jobs when the minor is employed by his/her parents or by persons standing in place of his/her parents. Also, fourteen year olds can work any time of the day and for however many number of hours. A 14 year old's parents may not, however, employ the youth in mining or manufacturing. Also, a 14 year old may not be employed by his/her parents in any job deemed hazardous by the Secretary of Labor;
  • Fourteen year old minors working as actors or performers in radio, motion pictures, theatrical, or television productions;
  • Fourteen year old minors employed delivering newspapers to consumers;
  • Fourteen year old minors who work a job at home making wreaths composed of natural holly, pine, cedar, or other evergreens (including the harvesting of the evergreens).
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I'm 14 years old and need a job! What is the best way for a teenager to find employment?

After reading through the rules here and the employment poster for your state, look through the possible jobs listed below. Also, there are many other opportunities depending on where you live. For instance, if you live in near the beach, there may be work opportunities for selling refreshments to persons lounging on the beach.

Where can a 14 year old teenager work? What types of jobs can 14 year old teens perform?

Although fourteen year old teenagers cannot be employed at most traditional jobs unless they fall under certain exemptions (actors, work for their parents, etc.) they can be hired at the following jobs on a casual basis:

babysitting for 14 year olds

Fourteen year olds can work as a babysitter on a casual basis. The best way to prove yourself as a reliable sitter is to take a babysitting course (you should receive a certificate) and a CPR course (also very helpful). A babysitting course and CPR certification, although not usually required, will show prospective parents seeking your services that you are serious about babysitting. These two credentials will also increase not only your pay rate but also the number of prospective parents that are interested in hiring you.

You can make money fast as a babysitter. How much cash can a 14 year old babysitter earn? Usually a boy or girl can earn between $7-$10 per hour working a babysitting job.

Employment for 14 year olds - pet sitter
    • Work as pet sitter.

Many people these days have pets. And these pets need to be cared for while their owners are at work or on vacation. Boarding pets and professional caretakers for pets are very expensive. This makes for a perfect teen job. It costs much less to have a 14 year old teenager care for a pet rather than go to a business that boards their pet. Plus, pet owners typically want their pet to receive personal attention. Personal attention is something owners typically do not receive in traditional boarding settings. Teens will find many opportunities working jobs as pet sitters.

This job involves watching the pet, walking the pet, feeding the pet, giving water to the pet and most importantly giving the pet much needed attention. You’ll also have to clean up after the pet in the event of an accident.

Teenagers can earn good money working as a pet sitter. A 14 year old teen can make $7 and up as a pet sitter.

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Employment for 14 year olds - house sitter
    • Being hired as a house care-taker.

When families go on vacation or take extended trips, they often want someone to check in on their house. A house care-taker worker will look for things like water leaks, check pool levels, be sure the house is secure, water plants, etc. This is a fairly simple but very important job. Once a fourteen year old boy or girl develops a good relationship with one home owner, many more jobs will follow.

Fourteen year old teens usually have a pay rate of $10 and higher as a house care-taker.

Employment for 14 year olds - clean swimming pools
    • Swimming pool maintenance job.

Fourteen year old boys or girls who live in an area where their neighbors have swimming pools have a great opportunity for work. Swimming pool maintenance can involve work as simple as skimming debris from the top of the water, vacuuming debris from the bottom of the pool or cleaning pool filters. It can also become a more involved job if a savvy teen learns to maintain swimming pool chemical levels. Teens should probably start with just skimming and vacuuming in the beginning.

Teens will usually earn $10 and up per visit working a job as a pool maintenance person. Once a fourteen year old boy or girl is able to maintain chemical levels then they should earn $25 per visit.

Employment for 14 year olds job dog walker
    • Dog walking jobs.

Fourteen year old kids will find many opportunities walking their neighbor's dogs. Dog walking is very different from pet sitting since dog walking is a specific service in itself. Teenagers will find that dog walking is typically done at specific hours that fit their customer's schedule.

Fourteen year old teens usually have a pay rate of $5 per walk per dog. Dog walking is fast and easy money!

Employment for 14 year olds fix computer
    • Computer/technology employment.

If you are a 14 year old kid that has a strong knowledge of computer related information then working jobs around computers will be right up your alley. Jobs like this are in high demand. Teenagers can perform tasks like installing hardware such as new hard drives, installing software, assisting businesses with website design, running social networking pages for businesses and much, much more!

Pay rates for fourteen year old boys and girls who work in computer technology employment can vary but expect $9 and up for this type of work.

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Employment for 14 year olds garden work
    • Yard/garden work jobs.

Fourteen year old teens will find yard and garden work available during the warmer months. Teenagers can do anything from planting trees and shrubs to raking leaves. Teens should be able to find many jobs around their neighborhood.

Boys and girls that are 14 years old can expect to earn about $7 and up for yard and garden work.

Employment for 14 year olds clean garage attic
    • Hired to clean attics or garages.

Attic and garage cleaning is a much needed task that can be performed by fourteen year old boys and girls. This job involves filling and moving boxes, disposing of junk, sweeping the areas and a general wipe down of furniture.

A 14 year old teen can expect to be paid by the job. Usually $25 is the standard pay rate but it depends on the size of the job.

Employment for 14 year olds window cleaning
    • Window cleaning employment.

Window cleaning is a fast and easy job for a 14 year old kid who needs money. Most people don’t like the task as it's time consuming. This makes it a great job for a teen. All teens will need is some microfiber cloths, a squeegee, a bucket and some window cleaner to do this type of work.

Window cleaning work is fast and easy money for a fourteen year old teen. The usual pay rate for this job is about $1 per window but think of all the windows on a typical house!

Employment for 14 year olds house cleaning
    • Employed performing indoor house work.

Basic housework is simple employment for a 14 year old teen. The job performing basic housework involves dusting furniture, vacuuming floors, sweeping floors and cleaning counters.

Fourteen year old boys and girls can expect to earn $25 per job doing basic house cleaning employment.

Employment for 14 year olds garage sale
    • Run garage sales to earn money.

Running garage sales for area neighbors is a fun job for a 14 year old teen. This job consists of kids selling their neighbors' belongings that they no longer want. Boys and girls can either run a garage sale for the whole neighborhood or run individual garage sales for each neighbor.

A fourteen year old teenager can expect to earn a commission of 10% on each garage sale they hold or a standard $15 per job.

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Employment for 14 year olds mow lawns
    • Lawn mowing work.

Fourteen year old minors that are able to handle a lawnmower can earn a good amount of fast money mowing their neighbors' lawns. Teens can either use their parent’s lawnmower or their neighbors' lawnmower to perform this type of work.

Fourteen year old boys and girls who do this type of work are paid anywhere from $10 and up per job.

Employment for 14 year olds lemonade stand
    • A job running a lemonade stand.

A lemonade stand is a fun job for a 14 year old kid. Teens don’t necessarily need an actual stand; they can set up a simple table to sell the lemonade. All teenagers will need to get started in this job is lemonade, some cups, a table and they'll be in business.

A fourteen year old can usually sell lemonade for .50 cents per cup. If a teen sets up a stand near an event such as a softball game, she should have plenty of customers that will turn into quite a profitable job!

Employment for 14 year olds car wash
    • Work washing cars.

Car washing is a simple and fun job for a 14 year old youth. Teens can talk with their neighbors and ask whether they need their cars washed. This can be a weekly job for a teenager. All teens will need is a bucket, some car washing liquid and a sponge. Most kids will just use their customer's hose and water to perform this job.

Fourteen year old teens who take on this type of job are typically paid $5 and up per car.

Employment for 14 year olds deliver newspapers
    • Employed delivering local newspapers.

A paper route is still a great job for a fourteen year old teenager. Teens of this age will probably need to put a basket on their bike to hold the papers. Fourteen year old teenagers also need to get up pretty early every morning but they'll start the day out knowing they're putting some money into their pockets.

Usually, a 14 year old boy or girl can earn about $40 per week with a paper route. Kids have been delivering papers as a job for decades!

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Employment for 14 year olds hedge trimming
    • Trim trees and hedges to earn money.

Fourteen year old teenagers can trim trees and/or hedges to earn fast and easy money. All teens of this age need are hedge clippers (manual clippers are fine) and a saw for the larger branches. Teens will want to find out the best way to dispose of the debris once they're finished with the work.

This type of work normally pays by the hour. Fourteen year old kids can expect to earn $7 and higher per hour.

Employment for 14 year olds paint fence
    • Jobs painting fences.

Teenagers that can handle a paint brush are perfect candidates for fence painting work. Fourteen year old kids just need some exterior paint, paint brushes, rags and some paint brush cleaner for when you’re done.

Fourteen year old youngsters are usually paid by the job. They should expect a pay rate of $50 for 100 feet of fence. Each job should earn a kid $150.

Employment for 14 year olds golf caddy
    • Golf caddy employment.

This can be a great job for a 14 year old boy or girl especially if they have an interest in golf. As a caddy, teens will carry their player's golf clubs, clean their employer's golf balls and help their player out with whatever their player needs on the golf course (like getting him refreshments).

Pay rates for a caddy job are usually about $25 per game. The great thing about this job is you get to meet new and interesting people!

Employment for 14 year olds pet groomer
    • Jobs working as a pet groomer.

Pet grooming is a job that most 14 year old boys and girls can do. It can be both messy and fun work at the same time. Mostly, kids performing this job will be bathing the pets, trimming their fur and clipping their nails.

Fourteen year olds can earn $10 and up per dog per grooming session. Each job will be a unique experience!

Employment for 14 year olds errand runner
    • Work as an errand runner.

Fourteen year old kids can work as an errand runner for neighbors and friends of the family. Teenagers can do things like run to the local store for groceries or to the hardware store for things around the house.

Fourteen year old boys and girls employed as errand runners are very common. Kids of this age don't normally view themselves as errand runners because it is such an easy way to make money and they have a lot of fun doing it!

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Employment for 14 year olds selling crafts
    • Sell homemade crafts to earn money.

If you are a crafty 14 year old teen (no pun intended), you can earn easy money selling the crafts you make at home for a very nice profit. Just buy whatever is needed to make the item (i.e. beads) and you are ready to go. This is a very low-cost to start job.

Teen boys and girls should try to make at least a $2 profit on each thing they make. Fourteen year olds should be able to make $25 per week and higher selling crafts.