The 25 Best Summer Jobs for 14 Year Olds in 2018

Updated April 17, 2018

14 year olds Summer Jobs

It's that time again - time for 14 year olds to find a great summer job in 2018! There's no need to remind you that Boostapal is the easiest way for 14 year olds to earn cash year-round. But you can supplement your Boostapal money with a fun summer job. Take a look below and pick your favorite summer job for 2018!

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  1. Bottled water seller at city parksBottled water seller - 14 year old
    • Selling bottled water is a great summer job for a 14 year old teen. For these summer jobs it’s necessary to first buy water from a large store such as Walmart. Teens will then sell the water for a profit of between three and four hundred percent.
  2. Lemonade sales summer jobsLemonade sales - 14 year old
    • Fourteen year old teens can make quick money by providing lemonade to thirsty buyers at events such as youth sporting events. Teenagers should have their parents help them make batches of lemonade to sell. Offer both sugar free and regular varieties to appeal to more buyers.
  3. Lawn mowing summer jobsLawn mowing - 14 year old
    • Lawn mowing is a great way for a 14yo teen to earn money. For this summer job you’ll need your own mower or use the mower of the home owner. You can also temporarily use your parent's lawn mower until you raise enough funds for one of your own. Teenagers should expect to earn about $25 for each lawn completed.
  4. Yard maintenance summer jobs: Shrub maintenanceYard maintenance - 14 year old
    • For fourteen year old teens that enjoy the outdoors shrub maintenance summer jobs can be fun and educational. Teens will need to learn about the different shrubs available in the area and how to best care for them. This summer job requires teenagers to work with some sharp tools.
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  5. Outdoor summer jobs for 14 year old teens: Garden careGarden care - 14 year old
    • For interested teens, this summer job will require getting dirty. Teens will maintain and care for gardens in their community. A variety of tools will be required such as trimmers, shovels, and spades. Usually you can get most of these tools from the homeowner or maybe your own parents.
  6. Window cleaning summer jobsWindow cleaning  - 14 year old
    • Fourteen year old teens don’t need any experience with this summer job. Teenagers will contact neighbors and other homeowners in their neighborhood for work. Most homeowners will provide the cleaning products they prefer teenagers to use when working for them.
  7. Swimming pool summer jobs for 14yo teenagersSwimming pool - 14 year old
    • Teens can have fun with swimming pool summer jobs. Most neighbors will want teens on a weekly schedule to brush and skim their pools. While this summer job isn’t very difficult to do teenagers must be consistent to be sure algae doesn’t reappear.
  8. Swimming pool chemical maintenanceSwimming pool chemical maintenance - 14 year old
    • This summer job requires fourteen year olds to be very familiar with swimming pool chemicals and testing. It is best to have a parent or neighbor provide instruction on the best way to handle pool chemical testing. Since this job involves chemicals teenagers must be very careful when performing this summer job.
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  9. House number painting as a summer job for a 14yo teenHouse number painting - 14 year old
    • The weather usually takes its toll on the house numbers painted on the curb in front of homes. Teenagers can take advantage of this by offering services throughout the neighborhood. Little startup money is needed to begin this summer jobs, just some paint and number stencils are needed.
  10. Car care summer jobsCar care - 14 year old
    • Washing and waxing cars is a great and fun way for young teens to make summer money. Fourteen year olds will spend up to two hours cleaning cars throughout the neighbor. Expect to make between ten and forty dollars per car depending on the services provided.
  11. General housekeeping summer jobs for teensGeneral housekeeping - 14 year old
    • An all-around good way to make money in the summer is by providing general housekeeping for close friends and neighbors. 14 year old teens will provide whatever services are needed, from dusting to cleaning closets. These summer jobs average about $10 for each hour worked.
  12. Cleaning summer jobs: Basements and attics Basements and attics - 14 year old
    • Instead of providing general cleaning services 14yo teenagers can provide a specific cleaning service that many homeowners don’t want to do themselves. By limiting services to basement and attic cleaning teens can focus on the areas of the house that typically needs the most work.
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  13. Garage sale summer jobs for teensGarage sale - 14 year old
    • By running garage sales for neighbors fourteen year old teens can profit from each sale. Teenagers will be responsible for planning, set up and marketing garage sales. Teens can expect to make a percentage of the amount sold rather than earn an hourly wage.
  14. Garage sale advertising
    • Rather than host a garage sale fourteen year old teens can make money by simply advertising for garage sales in the neighborhood. These summer jobs require teens to stand will sign to attract customers to garage sales. Teenagers can expect to earn about $15 per day.
  15. Pet walking summer jobs for teenagersPet walking - 14 year old
    • If you like dogs then this summer job is a great way for a 14yo teen to earn money while having fun. Teens will walk pets throughout the neighborhood. This job requires teenagers to show maturity so that the pet owner feels comfortable entrusting their pet with them.
  16. House watching summer jobs for fourteen year old teensHouse watching - 14 year old
    • Summer is a great time for this summer job since many people leave their home to go on vacation. Teenagers will contact their neighbors and offer their services. Teens' duties for this summer job will be to make sure the house and yard are secure and pick up any newspapers and mail.
  17. Fence painting summer jobsFence painting - 14 year old
    • This summer job for 14yo teens requires some painting experience. Teens will paint fences surrounding family homes. Most homeowners will supply the materials they prefer. Teenagers can expect to earn up to about $50 per home depending on the amount of fence painted.
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  18. Painting summer jobs for teens: House trim paintingHouse trim painting - 14 year old
    • With this summer job teens won’t be painting an entire house. Rather the focus for this summer job will be preparation and painting trim around the house such as window frames and soffits. For a fourteen year old teenager with painting knowledge this is a great way to earn money during the summer.
  19. Bicycle tune up and repairBicycle tune up - 14 year old
    • For 14 year old teens experienced in bike repair and tune up these tasks make great summer jobs. Put flyers at local libraries and grocery stores offering bike maintenance services. Teens can set their desired hours with this summer job. For those without experience have an experienced adult help with the first bikes.
  20. Neighborhood clean-up summer jobs for teensNeighborhood clean-up - 14 year old
    • This general cleaning summer job focuses on outdoor areas that are common to a particular neighborhood. Fourteen year old teenagers should visit nearby homeowners associations and offer cleaning their cleaning services. Typical tasks for this summer job include keeping areas free of trash and leaf cleanup.
  21. Outdoor maintenance summer jobs: Small tree trimmingSmall tree trimming - 14 year old
    • Tree trimming is needed throughout the summer. When visiting neighbors fourteen year old teens will offer tree trimming services for small trees. Large trees are handled by professional tree trimmers. This summer job requires teenagers to know the proper way to trim a tree.
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  22. Gardening summer jobs for 14yo teens: Plant shrubs and treesPlant shrubs and trees - 14 year old
    • Planting new tree and shrubs can be hard work but this makes a great summer job for teens. Homeowners don’t want to take on this task themselves but teens will need to closely follow instruction on where and how deep to plant. Homeowners will typically supply the tools needed for teenagers to complete this summer job.
  23. Making and selling craftsMake and sell crafts - 14 year old
    • Making and selling crafts on websites like Etsy or eBay is a fun summer job for 14 year olds. Look at the Etsy website to get some ideas of what you can make (and then sell). Remember that creativity really pays! Be sure to take the cost of making the craft (and cost of shipping)!
  24. Newspaper delivery-personNewspaper delivery-person - 14 year old
    • Although 14 year olds can deliver newspapers year round, most newspaper companies will allow them to deliver newspapers during the summer months only. There is usually a newspaper in most teen's home towns. Look for a route that is closest to your house. Many newspapers have both afternoon and morning delivery editions.
  25. Pet sitting job for 14 year oldsPet sitting - 14 year old
    • People love their pets - even more so than 10-20 years ago. Pet sitting and pet caretaking has become a big business now. This is the type of job a 14 year old will be expected to do in the pet owners' home or sometimes the teens home (better ask your parents). Teens will be expected to feed, walk, pet, brush and play with the pet. Being a good friend to the pet is the most important part of the job!
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