A Great list of Awesome Summer Jobs for 12 Year Olds in 2018

Updated April 17, 2018

12 year olds Summer Jobs

Are you a parent looking for a summer job in 2018 to keep your 12 year old busy this summer? Well you've come to the right place. Here is a great list of 25 summer jobs that can help your twelve year old earn some extra money this summer. Also keep in mind that Boostapal is also a great place for your kids to earn some extra cash year-round. 

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  1. Pet sitting summer jobsPet sitting - 12 year old
    • For twelve year old kids that are good with animals pet sitting makes a great summer job. You’ll play with neighbors’ pets and keep them company while their owners are away. Twelve year old kids must be good with animals. This summer job will pay about $5 per pet.
  2. Curb number painting for neighborsCurb number painting - 12 year old
    • Curb stencil painting of house numbers is a great summer job for 12 yo kids. Homeowners like this service because it helps people identify their house. These summer jobs don’t require experience but you’ll need to practice stenciling before you begin.
  3. Auto and truck cleaningAuto and truck - 12 year old
    • Summer is the perfect time for 12 yo kids to clean up with this job. You’ll wash, vacuum, and clean the interior of cars and trucks in your neighborhood. These summer jobs are usually performed weekly. Twelve year olds can expect to earn $10 for cars and $20 for trucks.
  4. Window cleaning jobs for twelve year oldsWindow cleaning - 12 year old
    • If you’re a twelve year old who is serious about a summer job then window cleaning is for you. Homeowners hate this task and need hard working kids to help. Homeowners will supply the needed materials and will pay about $2 per window.
  5. Yard sale advertisingYard sale advertising - 12 year old
    • These summer jobs require a twelve year old to hold signs and attempt to get buyers to yard sales. You’ll be on your feet all day but it’s a good way for 12 yo kids to earn money. Start with contacting your neighbors and offer to help getting them customers. Twelve year olds can expect to make about $7 per hour at this summer job.
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  6. Fence painting as a summer job for 12 year oldsFence painting - 12 year old
    • Fence painting is a great way for twelve year olds to make money during the summer. Twelve year olds will clean, prepare, and paint fences. Homeowners will provide the materials so these summer jobs only require you to know a bit about painting. Expect to get paid about $10 for each six feet length of fence painted.
  7. Housekeeping summer jobs for 12 year old kidsHousekeeping  - 12 year old
    • Twelve year olds have been doing chores around the home for a while so it will be easy to turn this into a summer job. Contact neighbors and offer help cleaning rooms in houses. Twelve y/o kids can expect to earn about $7 per hour at these summer jobs.
  8. Pool cleaning summer job for 12 year oldsPool cleaning - 12 year old
    • Skimming and brushing swimming pools for debris and algae is a great summer job for a twelve year old. Homeowners will provide the equipment needed. These summer jobs will last the entire season and will need to be performed on a pool once a week.
  9. Attic/Basement cleaning summer jobs for 12 year oldsCleaning - 12 year old
    • Neighbors and adult family members look to summer as a time to clean up their homes. For an industrious 12 yo this makes a great summer job. Focus on specific areas to be cleaned such as basements and attics. These areas typically need the most work and are the easiest way for a twelve year old kid to turn cleaning into a summer job.
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  10. Selling cold water during the summerSelling cold water  - 12 year old
    • One of the easiest summer jobs is to sell cold bottled water to thirsty people. You’ll need your parents help in buying a large quantity of bottled water. You’ll sell each bottle for about $1. The great thing about this summer job is that you can do it everywhere, including at your neighbors’ garage sales.
  11. Pet walking summer jobs for 12 year oldsPet walking - 12 year old
    • Unlike pet sitting these summer jobs require twelve year olds to walk pets while the owner is away. You must be able to show owners that you are a responsible twelve year old and they can trust you with their pet. This summer job pays about $10 per pet walk.
  12. Yard sale jobs for kidsYard sale  - 12 year old
    • Running a yard sale for adults is a fun and profitable summer jobs for a 12 year old. No experience is needed for these summer jobs. Contact neighbors and offer your services to run their yard sale. 12 year old kids can expect to be paid about $25 for each yard sale.
  13. Lemonade stand summer job for 12 year old kidslemonade stand  - 12 year old
    • Selling lemonade on a hot day is a great way for a twelve year old to make money. These summer jobs have been around for a long time so neighbors will recognize your stand right away. You’ll need your mom or dad to help make lemonade in a large quantity. 12 year olds can sell the lemonade for about $.75 (cents) per cup.
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  14. Yard summer jobs for 12 year olds: Shrub maintenanceShrub maintenance - 12 year old
    • Keeping shrubs trimmed throughout the neighborhood is a great way for twelve year olds to make money during the summer. You’ll need to follow your neighbors’ instructions very closely. Have your parent's help you learn how to use the tools needed. You’ll make about $20 per house at this summer job.
  15. Yard helper summer jobsYard helper - 12 year old
    • Helping homeowners remove weeds from yards is a great summer job for twelve year old kids. Contact the neighbors with the most weeds and offer your services. You must be able to remove the entire weed and if you do it right these summer jobs will pay about $15 per lawn.
  16. Arts and crafts summer jobs for 12 year old kidsArts and crafts - 12 year old
    • For creative twelve year olds selling crafts makes a great summer job to earn much needed cash. Whether you’re making cell phone covers, necklaces, or anything you’re skilled at make sure you price the items appropriately. This summer job requires 12 year olds to get needed materials before beginning.
  17. Neighborhood cleanup Neighborhood cleanup - 12 year old
    • Most neighborhoods have areas that belong to the entire community. Offering cleaning services for these areas can be great summer jobs for twelve year olds. Some tasks for this summer job include trash collection, weed pulling, and graffiti removal.
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  18. Garden cleaning summer jobs for twelve year oldsGarden cleaning - 12 year old
    • This summer job requires being outside and getting dirty. Twelve year olds will focus on gardens by removing weeds, feeding plants, and cleaning debris. Some digging will be required but the homeowners will provide the tools. Twelve year old kids can earn about $15 per house at this summer job.
  19. Selling old books and toysSelling old books and toys - 12 year old
    • Whether twelve year olds are selling books and toys online or at yard sales this is a great summer job to make much needed money. Gather books and toys from your family and neighbors. Most of these items would otherwise wind up in the trash so you’ll be able to collect a lot of them. When selling online have your parents help you.
  20. Pet grooming summer jobs for twelve year oldsPet grooming - 12 year old
    • For twelve year olds who love animals pet grooming is a great summer job. Start with brushing and bathing and work your way up to hair trimming. These summer jobs require learning how to groom different breeds. Twelve year old kids can expect to earn about $20 per pet.
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  21. Leaf raking and cleanup summer jobsLeaf raking and cleanup - 12 year old
    • Leaves are a nuisance in the summer and homeowners looks for industrious twelve years olds to handle the job. You’ll rake and bag the leaves from lawns and flower bed areas. 12 year olds can expect to earn about $15 per lawn when performing this summer job.
  22. Odd jobs for neighbors on vacationOdd jobs - 12 year old
    • When each of your neighbors goes out of town they’ll need someone to do basic tasks while they’re away. This is how twelve year olds turn little tasks into big summer jobs. You’ll pick up newspapers, water plants, and do minor cleaning. Twelve year olds can expect to earn about $5 per day performing this summer job.
  23. Teaching younger kidsTeaching younger - 12 year old
    • What are you good at? Whether it’s skateboarding, making crafts or musical instruments twelve year olds can turn their skill into great summer jobs. Post flyers at your local library to let people know you can teach their kids your special skill. A great place to get customers for this summer job is to talk to your neighbors with young kids.
  24. Flower and small shrub planting summer jobs for twelve year oldsFlower and small shrub - 12 year old
    • While these summer jobs can require a lot of work they’re also pretty easy to find. Elderly neighbors look for energetic twelve year olds to help in their gardens. Digging is required for this summer job but the homeowner will have all of the garden tools you’ll need.
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  25. Garage floor and driveway cleaningGarage floor and driveway - 12 year old
    • These cleaning summer jobs can be laborious for a twelve year old. Some stains are heavy and will require a lot of elbow grease. It’s easy to find customers, though, since most homeowners neglect this task. Twelve year old kids will earn about $20 per house at this summer job.