The 25 Best Summer Jobs for 11 Year Olds in 2018

Updated April 17. 2018

11 year olds Summer Jobs

We've done it again! Boostapal has compiled a list of the best summer jobs for 11 year olds in 2018. Parents should look over the list to choose the best summer job for their child. Also, parents should always supervise all the summer jobs listed below to ensure the safetey of their child! 

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  1. Selling lemonade on a hot day: Summer jobs for 11 year oldsSelling lemonade - 11 year old
    • A summer job selling lemonade is a great first job for an eleven year old. Just have an adult help you make a big batch and you’ll sell it for $.50 per cup. Don’t forget to make both regular and sugar-free varieties to get all the customers possible for this summer job.
  2. Yard work summer jobs for 11 year oldsYard work - 11 year old
    • Removing weeds from lawns can be a profitable summer job for eleven year old kids. Your customers will be neighbors. Make sure you are able to pull up the entire weed root. Once you get the hang of it removal will be easy. 11yo kids can expect to earn about $10 per yard at these summer jobs.
  3. Selling flower and vegetable seedsSelling flower and vegetable seeds - 11 year old
    • Door to door sales of flower and vegetable seeds is a summer job any 11yo can do. You’ll need help from your parents buying the seeds. These summer jobs are profitable because you can resell the seeds for about twice the amount of the purchase price.
  4. Swimming pool skimming: Summer jobs for 11 year oldsSwimming pool skimming - 11 year old
    • Keeping a swimming pool clean can be time consuming work which is why homeowners look for motivated eleven year old kids to handle the job. You’ll remove debris from the surface of the pool. The homeowner will provide the tools needed to handle this summer job.
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  5. Water sales summer jobsWater sales - 11 year old
    • Like selling lemonade these summer jobs can be very profitable for industrious 11 year olds. After buying a large quantity of bottled water you’ll resell them for about $1 per bottle. Lakes and water areas are a great place to sell water to thirsty buyers.
  6. Pet walking summer jobs for 11 year oldsPet walking - 11 year old
    • To handle this summer job 11yo kids will need some experience handling dogs. Start by walking your own pet or a neighbor’s dog to get the hang of it. Once you’re ready you’ll be able to get business throughout your neighborhood. This summer job pays about $5 per walk for each dog.
  7. Water plants & shrubsWater plants & shrubs - 11 year old
    • As neighbors vacation in the summer driven 11 year olds can turn this time away into great summer jobs. You’ll make certain plants and shrubs are watered regularly and according to customers’ instructions. Eleven year olds can expect to earn about $25 per week at this summer job.
  8. Bike tune up and repair summer jobs for 11 year oldsBike tune up - 11 year old
    • Bicycles are pretty easy to fix and tune up. Watch some videos on Youtube to learn how to tune-up, fix flats, adjust brakes, etc. This is a job that will allow an 11 year old to earn money for years to come. People typically pay hundreds of dollars to have their bikes repaired and tuned up. An eleven year old can do the job for a fraction of that cost!
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  9. Planting summer jobs for 11 year old kidsPlanting summer jobs - 11 year old
    • For 11 year olds who are ready to get dirty planting seeds and vegetables for elderly neighbors makes a great summer job. You’ll need to follow instructions closely and use garden tools but all the tools will be provided for you. Expect to earn about $7hr performing this summer job.
  10. Selling flavored beverages at eventsSelling flavored beverages - 11 year old
    • These summer jobs can be even more profitable for an 11 year old than selling bottled water because the cost to acquire the materials is much lower. After your parents help you make a large quantity of beverages sell it by the cup at local events such as youth sporting events. 11 year olds can expect to make about $25/day at this summer job.
  11. Garage sale summer jobs for 11 year oldsGarage sale - 11 year old
    • Putting together a garage sale takes some work but for a determined 11 year old it makes a great summer job. You’ll gather all unwanted items from family and friends. Eleven year olds should have a parent help them price the items and watch over the sale.
  12. Clean the interior of cars and trucksClean the interior of cars - 11 year old
    • Most of your neighbors have a car or truck. An eleven year old can make a great summer job out of cleaning and vacuuming the interiors of the car. All you'll need is a squirt bottle with some mild soap in it and a small portable vacuum cleaner. You can make a weekly gig out of it by signing up your neighbors for a once a week cleaning!
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  13. Selling popcorn: Sales summer jobs for 11 year oldsSelling popcorn - 11 year old
    • Selling popcorn is a great summer job for eleven year old kids. Popcorn is very inexpensive but can be resold for about $1 per bag. Selling bags of popcorn at individual and community garage sales will bring in a lot of customers.
  14. Arts and crafts summer jobsArts and crafts - 11 year old
    • Eleven year olds who enjoy creating arts and crafts can turn this hobby into a great summer job. Stick with projects that you like so you’ll enjoy the time you spend doing this summer job. Create enough products to sell at community garage sales and flea markets.
  15. Books and toys sales summer jobs for eleven year oldsBooks and toys sales - 11 year old
    • Eleven year olds who’ve outgrown their old books and toys shouldn’t throw them away. Rather you can turn them into a great little summer job. Collect more from friends and neighbors and sell them at garage sales and community sale events.
  16. Window washing summer jobsWindow washing - 11 year old
    • Although it sounds simple window washing can be tricky but will make a great summer job for 11yo kids. You must learn to properly clean windows without leaving streaks but those that do can clean up. This summer job typically pays eleven year olds about $2 per window.
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  17. Painting fencesPainting fences - 11 year old
    • Unlike interior painting these summer jobs don’t require a lot of experience. Eleven year olds can begin by painting small areas to learn a good technique. Be sure to price the job appropriately when performing this summer job. Expect to average about $7 per hour.
  18. Curb number painting summer jobs for 11 year oldsCurb number painting - 11 year old
    • Like other painting summer jobs curb house number painting takes a little getting used to. Eleven year olds will need to buy number stencils and colored paint to begin. Homeowners love this job because it helps people find their house by having clear painted numbers easily available. 11 year olds will make about $15 per house at this summer job.
  19. Car and truck washing summer jobsCar and truck - 11 year old
    • Eleven year old kids can clean up at this summer job because it’s a task that most car owners dislike. Most owners will provide the cleaning products needed. You’ll need to be careful as you clean the cars and use a small ladder to get to higher areas but this summer job will pay about $15 per car.
  20. Attic and basement cleaning summer jobsAttic and basement cleaning - 11 year old
    • This summer job is just like the chores most eleven year olds have done but now they'll get paid now. Focus your attention on offering to clean basements and attics because these are two areas that most homeowners neglect. When pricing this summer job be sure to be paid per hour and not per job. Eleven year old kids should make about $7 per hour.
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  21. Pet sitting summer jobs for eleven year oldsPet sitting - 11 year old
    • This summer job requires 11 year olds to work from about 2pm-6pm while pet owners are away from home. You’ll check on and entertain pets as needed by their owners. These summer jobs pay about $7 per day for each pet you are sitting.
  22. House cleaning summer jobsHouse cleaning - 11 year old
    • Eleven year olds can turn simple tasks like house cleaning into a profitable summer job. Offer basic cleaning services to neighbors and family friends. The homeowner will provide all cleaning supplies you’ll need. 11 year olds will earn about $8 per hour at this summer job.
  23. Cleaning walkways and drivewaysCleaning walkways and driveways - 11 year old
    • Keeping neighbors’ walkways and driveways clean can be a profitable summer job for industrious eleven year olds. These summer jobs require some physical labor but if you’re up to the challenge you will make about $10 per house. A clean driveway is sure to get you more business on the block.
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  24. Cleaning community common areas Cleaning community common areas  - 11 year old
    • Eleven year olds who live in community subdivisions can find summer jobs keeping the common areas clean. Ask your parents help in contacting the community hiring committee. This summer job will keep you outside all day and pay about $7 per hour.
  25. Make and sell jewelery: A great summer jobMake and sell jewelery - 11 year old
    • Making and selling jewelry is a great and fun summer job for an eleven year old. You can find some great videos on Youtube that will give you awesome jewlery making ideas. Also, checkout eBay for buying the raw material you'll need for making the jewelery. Once your masterpiece is complete, you can sell it on either eBay or Etsy.